Price list Tank Wash


washing tanks after fruit concentrates from 90eur
washing tanks after canola, sunflower and refined oils from 100eur
washing tanks after palm oils, raw canola oils from 110eur
washing tanks after chocolate, cacao mass, butter, lard from 120eur
washing silos after sugar, flour, cereal etc from 80eur
washing silos after cement, lime etc from 80eur
washing tanks after chemical products such acid, bases, light mineral oils, etc from 110eur

washing tanks after hard mineral oils, oil purifiers, etc

from 130eur
washing after latexes, acronals, etc from 160eur
washing after resin, polymers, stearin, etc from 170eur
washing tanks after aniline, phenol, paraffin

from 160eur

external washing kit 30eur

steam heating (the price varies depending on the number of roadtanks / containers per month and others factors affecting the cost of product heating)

from 40eur/h 

electrical heating 17eur/h
heating with hot water ( 60 - 90 C. degrees) 30eur/h


We don't clean after products from the following ADR Class: Class 1 (Explosive substances and articles), Class 2 (Gases), Class 7 (Radioactive material) ! We also don't clean after Pentan (UN 1265) !

We don't clean after plastic granulates!


The price for cleaning after latexes, white poliols, acronals, water dispersions, adhesives, etc consists of:

- the basic price for cleaning;

- the price for utilization of product residues mixed with water - 0,50 Euro for each liter

The above prices don't include:

- the need of entering the tank in order to remove the product residues;

- additional spraying with solvent / cleaning detergent.


Our wash give discounts negotiated individually, the requirement is continous and regular cooperation.

Each tank cleaned in our wash receive confirmation of cleaning as ECD cerificate, it is a european cleaning document, which is acknowledged in the whole area of European Union.